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How to apply Canada work visa from India

What is a Canada Work Visa?

Most people refer to the Canada Work Visa as a Work Permit of Canada. It is an official permit that enables temporary foreign work in Canada.

A Canada Visitor Visa is required by the majority of foreigners who wish to work in Canada alongside their Work Visa to Canada have the option to work and travel in Canada.

However, your citizenship also depends on this. In addition to their Work Permit in Canada, Some nationalities, such as Indians, require an ETA or visitor visa. however, Your Canadian visitor visa does not require a separate application or additional fee. if you have submitted a  application of work permit at Canada.

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How to apply Canada work visa from India​

if you are from another country and want to work in Canada. you must first secure a work permit at Canada. To temporarily engage in employment activities in Canada, Before applying for the visa, potential Canadian work permit applicants must obtain a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. In return, Employment must provide the employer with a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIAI). and Social Development Canada (ESDC), which stated that no qualified locals were available to fill that particular job position.

Canada is a popular destination for skilled workers seeking high-quality living and rewarding employment opportunities worldwide. The first step toward permanent residency in Canada is also towards a job visa.

Who Can Apply for a Work Visa for Canada?

You must meet certain requirements regardless of the kind of work permit to Canada you applied for. To know How to get Canada to work visa from India. Work permits are required for foreign nationals to work in Canada. provided that they fulfill the following requirements:

  •  A Canadian employer’s letter of offer or employment contract must be obtained by candidates The Labor Market Impact Assessment, or LMIA, must be used to back up the job offer issued by  Employment and Social Development Canada ( ESDC)
  • Without a work permit or a job offer, foreign nationals can work in Canada through some routes. Example- International students who graduate from Designated Learning Institutes spouses of students or skilled workers who do not need an LMIA, spouses of PR visa applicants, etc Employers in Canada who want to hire workers from other countries do not need to have an LMIA through the International Mobility Program.

Additionally, applicants for work permits of Canada must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate that you will leave Canada once your work permit or visa expires.
  • Prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your family while you are in Canada.
  • You are not barred from entering Canada for criminal or medical reasons, and
  • plan to collaborate with a Canadian employer that qualifies
  • willing to present any documents required to enter Canada by the visa officer.


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Documents Needed for Canada Work Visa for Indians

For Canada job visa must be submitted to important documents, To complete the visa application process. If you want to apply for a work visa for Canada from India, you will need to submit the following list of supporting documents:

  • A valid original passport for the duration of the work.
  • All of the applicant’s expired or canceled passports
  • Documentation of the applicant’s educational background. It needs to include their mark sheet, diploma, and certificates.
  • Documentation of prior work experience that includes.
  • A copy of the resignation letter from the previous employer and the appointment letter from the current employer.
  • A copy of the employer’s Form 16 and salary pay slip
  • A letter from the referee outlining the nature and length of the applicant’s employment
  • Bank statement
  • Contact information for the applicant, including their phone number and address.
  • The income tax returns proof for the last two years
  • Bank Statement for the last three months.
  • Documents pertaining to property, investments, and other sources of income, among others.
  • Application for a Temporary Resident Visa, if necessary
  • The applicant will be required to submit the Family Information Form if any members of the applicant’s dependent family are traveling to Canada as well
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate and marriage certificate, if the spouse and dependent children are traveling to Canada as well

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