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Changing University or Course after Arriving in Canada ?

Changing Your DLI or Course in Canada: What You Need to Know

If you’re dissatisfied with your Designated Learning Institute (DLI) or course in Canada, there’s no need to worry. You have the flexibility to switch to another DLI or course, provided you have a valid visa or study permit.

It’s important to inform the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) about any changes you make to your DLI or course. However, there’s no requirement to change your study permit.

Once you’ve stopped studying at your current college or university, you have a window of 150 days to begin a new course at another DLI. This timeframe allows you the opportunity to explore alternative educational options in Canada.

Changing Your DLI or Course

  • Create an online account
  • If you applied for your study permit on paper, create an account and link your application.
    Locate your study permit number

Your study permit number

  • starts with the letter “S” and can be found at the top right of the permit.
  • Keep your application details accessible, as we may request some information for security purposes.

Obtain the DLI number of your new school

  • Refer to the list of designated learning institutions to find your new school’s DLI number.
  • Retrieve your new Student Identification Number (Student ID)
  • Check the acceptance letter sent by your new school to find your Student ID.
  • Note your start date at the new school
  • Ensure you have the accurate start date for your new program at the new school.

Please note that you do not require a representative to change your DLI, even if you used one during your study permit application. You can manage this process independently with your study permit application details at hand.

Changing Your DLI from Outside Canada

If your application is still in progress

  • You can submit a new letter of acceptance to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) using the designated web form.

If your application has been approved

  • If your study permit application has already been approved and you decide to change your DLI, you must follow these steps

a. Submit a new study permit application, including a new letter of acceptance from the new DLI.
b. Ensure you pay all the required fees for the new application.
By following these steps, you can initiate the process of changing your DLI even if you are currently outside Canada.

Studying in Quebec

If you plan to switch to a new Designated Learning Institution (DLI) within Quebec and your previous DLI was located outside Quebec, you will be required to obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ).

  • Educational institution
  • Program of study
  • Level of study

They will provide you with the necessary guidance and information regarding the steps to obtain the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for your desired changes.

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