You are currently viewing German workers’ strike grounds flights at Hamburg, Berlin
German workers' strike grounds flights at Hamburg, Berlin

German workers’ strike grounds flights at Hamburg, Berlin


One-Day Strike Disrupts Flights at Major Airports in Germany

On Monday, passengers traveling through two major airports in Germany, Berlin and Hamburg, experienced disruptions due to a one-day strike by security personnel and ground service workers over wage issues.

Berlin-Brandenburg airport, which serves the capital, said all departures/flights were dropped and some landings would also be affected after the Verdi union/association called security workers/laborers out on strike until midnight (2200 GMT). According to a spokesperson for the airport, approximately 240 flights were scheduled to depart. Representatives from the confidential Flight Dealing with Administrations Hamburg (AHS), who handle registration, loading up and lost and found for various carriers including Lufthansa at Hamburg air terminal, likewise called a 24-hour strike at short notification.


Strikes Continue to Disrupt Airports in Germany strike

Neither arrivals nor flights serviced/served by other companies were expected/anticipated to be affected, the airport said.

AHS was because to handle 84 of Monday’s 160 departures/takeoffs, and 31 had already been cancelled by 9 a.m. (0700 GMT).

Unions are pushing for higher wages to offset the rising cost of living in Europe’s largest economy, which has seen some of the most disruptive strikes in decades.

Strikes affected several airports in Germany last week, including Duesseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne-Bonn, and Stuttgart. Ralph Beisel, the CEO of the airport association ADV, criticized the unions for taking their right to conduct warning strikes before arbitration to extreme measures.



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