You are currently viewing Indian man faces execution in Singapore for drug trafficking

Indian man faces execution in Singapore for drug trafficking

Indian-origin man scheduled to be executed in Singapore for drug trafficking

Indian man faces

A 46-year-old Indian-origin man who was found guilty of assisting drug trafficking in Singapore is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday, a media report said on Tuesday, as the city-state rejected calls by prominent anti-death penalty campaigners to halt the capital punishment. Tangaraju Suppiah was sentenced to end the death on October 9, 2018, for attempting to traffic more than 1 kg of cannabis to Singapore.

He was confined in 2014 for drug consumption/utilization and failure to report for a drug test

Tangaraju is scheduled/booked to be hanged on Wednesday, according to/as per a Channel News Asia report.

On Tuesday, Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) strongly reacted to a blog post by British billionaire Richard Branson titled “Why Tangaraju Suppiah doesn’t deserve to die.” In the post, Branson claimed that Suppiah’s conviction did not meet standards and that “Singapore may be about to kill an innocent man.”

According to the ministry, Branson’s views regarding a Singaporean on death row demonstrated “disrespect” for the judges and criminal justice system of the nation.

In addition to Branson, statements were made by Australian MP Graham Perrett and the European Union Delegation to Singapore

On Monday, the EU and diplomatic missions of EU member states, Norway, and Switzerland in Singapore issued a joint statement urging the authorities to stop Tangaraju’s execution and instead, give him a non-capital sentence.

MHA refutes claims and defends High Court’s examination of the case

Indian man faces

According to the report, Perrett shared his concerns about the violation of international law standards in Tangaraju’s planned execution in a Facebook post last Thursday. singapore dollar into inr The MHA responded to the billionaire’s claims, stating that they were false and regrettable.

The MHA further added that it was not appropriate for Branson to claim to have more knowledge about the case than Singapore’s courts, which had carefully examined the case. singapore time

“The fact that Tangaraju was not the one communicating with the two other people involved in the case was Tangaraju’s defense. The ministry stated that the High Court “found Tangaraju’s evidence to be unbelievable and determined that he was communicating with the two others and coordinating the delivery and receipt of cannabis to himself through the two others.” singapore time now

It stated that the evidence clearly demonstrated that Tangaraju was coordinating the delivery of drugs for trafficking, contrary to Branson’s assertion that he was “actually not anywhere near” drugs at the time of his arrest.

MHA’s stance on Tangaraju’s case and Singapore’s zero-tolerance approach to drugs

Indian man faces execution

The MHA stated that Tangaraju was implicated in a case with two other individuals, wherein his phone numbers were used for communication related to the delivery of cannabis. singapore currency

Additionally, the High Court had concluded that Tangaraju had the intent to traffic the drug. The ministry reiterated Singapore’s strict stance on drug abuse, emphasizing its zero-tolerance approach and multiple strategies, including rehabilitation programs.

Singapore nifty-“The death penalty is an essential component of Singapore’s criminal justice system and has been effective in keeping Singapore safe and secure,” said the MHA, adding that it is applied “judiciously with stringent safeguards”.

Last September, Regulation and Home Undertakings Clergyman K Shanmugam said Singapore’s approach of having capital punishment for drug dealing is in light of a legitimate concern for Singaporeans. singapore airlines

Citing a ministry survey that revealed nearly 87% of Singaporeans support the death penalty, Shanmugam said, “So, there isn’t a great deal of argument within Singapore. It’s some individuals people who keep repeating the points.” He added that Singapore is not alone in capital punishment laws. The death penalty is also in place in the world’s three largest countries – China, India and the United States.

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