Layoffs strip away tech worker visas along with jobs

Laid off US skilled workers from foreign countries on work visa in us are frantically looking for new jobs to avoid having to relocate and leave the country.

In recent months, more than 150,000 tech jobs in the United States have disappeared, causing Silicon Valley to suffer an economic setback not seen since the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000s.

As the massive wave of layoffs spreads throughout US tech companies, Many of those without jobs are here on H1-B or other jobs-related visas according to Congresswomen Zoe Lofgren and Anna Eshoo of California.

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In a letter, Eshoo and Lofgren urged US immigration authorities to at least double the 60-day window within which foreign-born workers on employment-based visas can find new jobs in the United States ( work visa in us )

Without a new job with a company that can provide them with a visa, Employees who are fired must leave the country.

“They are panicking beyond comprehension,” Tahmina Watson, an immigration lawyer based in Seattle, stated.

They are “absolutely in a bind” due to their uncertainty regarding their actions.

Nearly a quarter of the US science and technology workforce is made up of foreign-born workers, according to Eshoo and Lofgren.

Advocates told AFP that immigrant tech workers frequently established themselves and started families in the United States.

Watson stated, “They go from being households with two incomes to households with no income, with mortgages, marriages, car payments, and children.”

“You don’t have enough time to finish your business in sixty days;” There isn’t enough time to look for a new job and apply for a new H1-B visa.

At Change, a petition was started by the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies. org is urging President Joe Biden of the United States to extend the visa grace period to a full year for humanitarian reasons.

As of Wednesday, the petition had more than 2,300 signatures.

“My request here is for an extended grace period so that they can figure it out,” said Khanderao Kand, director of the foundation.

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The US economy is going to be stands Advocates contend that if there is a departure of tech talent from immigrants,

Immigrants were the founders of more than half of all the tech companies worth a billion dollars here In their letter to the heads of Homeland Security and US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Eshoo and Lofgren stated

The letter stated, “We must prevent this brain drain to ensure that the successful companies of the future are based in the United States.”

Chinese, European, and Indian immigrants abound in Silicon Valley According to Kand, many of them are not only job seekers Visa ( work visa in us ) but also eventually job creators with startups or investment capital.

Kand argued that tech talent forced to leave the United States will likely settle elsewhere and never return, bringing their families and dreams with them.

According to Watson, giving tech talent from immigrant countries a chance to stay could fuel a startup boom because some laid-off workers choose to start their own businesses.

The lawyer continued, “I think we will find we are hurting in the future if we lose this talent because these people will know that America doesn’t care about them.”

According to Watson, one tactic that newly unemployed people use is switching to tourist visas, which give them six months instead of two to look for work or care for their affairs.

Watson stated, “If they can’t find a job, it gives them time to sell their car, end a lease, do what they need, or figure out their paperwork to go to Canada.”

“Canada is doing the opposite and welcoming immigrants, while we are closing our doors to them.”

According to Reza Malekzadeh, president of French Tech San Francisco, job cuts at tech giants like Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft have been making headlines, but startups have also been cutting staff.

Malekzadeh told AFP, “I think culturally Europeans, especially the French, are not used to it because they are not used to it being easy to lay people off.”

“We try to assist one another. I have not yet observed a significant wave returning to France; I believe they have faith.

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