You are currently viewing New UK-India TOEFL Scholarship for Indian Students by ETS

New UK-India TOEFL Scholarship for Indian Students by ETS

New UK-India TOEFL Scholarship

National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU) and ETS TOEFL have partnered/collaboration to launch the ‘UK-India TOEFL Scholarship’.

25 Indian scholars will receive the UK-India TOEFL scholarship worth Rs 6 million to student pursue higher education in the UK.
The scholarship is a part of the India@75, ETS@75, and India-UK ties celebrations and will support 25 Indian scholars who wish to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies at a UK university. scholarship google

The total value of the scholarships is US$75,000 (approximately Rs 60 lakh), and each selected/chose competitor candidate will receive a scholarship worth Rs 2.4 lakh.

The scholarships are meant to help pay for a variety of college costs, such as tuition, books, housing, and transportation, among other things.

Recipients of the scholarships will be selected by a panel made up of representatives from NISAU, UK universities, and industry organizations. Indian students must submit their applications by May 31, 2023, in order to be considered for this scholarship. scholarship national

NISAU Chairperson, Sanam Arora, who was recently appointed as a Commissioner of the UK’s International Higher Education Commission, expressed her excitement about the launch of the scholarships, scholarship post matric saying that it has been a long-standing goal of NISAU and herself to provide scholarships to Indian students who aspire to use their British education to make a positive impact on society. She added that with the support of ETS, scholarship status they are thrilled to be able to offer $75,000 worth of scholarships. scholarship nsp

New UK-India TOEFL

To be eligible/qualified for the candidates/scholarship, all applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A base TOEFL test score of 75 out of 120
  • An deal letter from a UK university
  • Planning to concentrate on a charge paying undergrad or postgraduate showed certificate level course
  • Enrolling for the first time at a UK university

To apply for the scholarship, you will need

  • TOEFL test scorecard
  • A 500-word essay on ‘Creating a social impact with a UK-based Education’
  • Personal and academic achievements

Important Dates for Applying

  • Applications Open: 18th Mar 2023
  • Applications Close: 31st May 2023
  • Scholarship Notification: 5th July 2023

How will applications be evaluated?

There is a competitive application process for the UK-India TOEFL iBT Scholarship Program. Success is not a guarantee of eligibility.

The evaluation and selection procedure will consist of a three-step process: scholarship portal

Step 1: In the beginning, applicants’ eligibility and the completeness of their supporting documentation are taken into consideration.

 2: The Essay submission will be assessed/evaluated along with other personal and academic credentials on the following evaluation criteria:

  • What is the inspiration for the understudy to concentrate on in the UK?
  • How might the award add to the candidate’s advancement for a scholastic program in the UK?
  • What are some of the applicant’s previous accomplishments that are in line with the values of the grant program, and what are their goals after receiving the grant?

3: A notification from ETS India will be sent to a maximum of twenty-five (25) applicants.

How do you access your assets

Upon the choice, the grantees will be approached to give their own financial balance data. The grant will be made in one lump sum of $3,000 to the specified bank accounts of the grantees.

ETS India will receive a copy of the signed Notice of Acceptance/Offer and make the full grant payment within 60 days.


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