You are currently viewing Top 6 Countries for Easy Expat Life: Where to Settle Abroad
Top 6 Countries for Easy Expat Life: Where to Settle Abroad

Top 6 Countries for Easy Expat Life: Where to Settle Abroad


Top 6 Countries for

The Expat Essentials Index has published a list of countries that are deemed easy for migrants to settle in, based on key elements such as dealing with local authorities, obtaining visas, finding housing, and navigating language barriers. Abroad Bahrain has claimed the top spot with approximately 67% of survey participants stating that it is a straightforward process to manage these factors when living there.


Top 6 Countries for Easy Expat Life: Where to Settle Abroad

UAE occupied/involved the second position/subsequent position and offers expats a smooth transition to life abroad with advantages like easy availability of managerial administrative services online, as well as ease of getting high-speed internet access at home. It was voted/rated the best in terms of obtaining a visa, while people in UAE could live easily without speaking the language of the nation/country’s.



The Expat Essentials Index has ranked Singapore as the third-best destination for migrants to settle down due to its diverse mix of cultures. English being one of its official languages is a significant advantage, placing it in first position for the Language Subcategory. Expats also report that dealing with administration is straightforward. While housing is easy to find, it is considered unaffordable by many.




Estonia is the fourth most popular destination for expats to settle in, thanks to its easy-to-navigate services and reliable internet. However, according to the Expat Essentials Index, the country only scores average results in the Language and Housing Subcategories. Expats who wish to immerse themselves in the local culture may encounter specific challenges.




According to the survey expats find it easy/simple to set foot in Oman, which is ranked 5th in the index. Essentials for expats are easily available in Oman, while housing and language also do not seem to be an problem.




Indonesia has secured the sixth spot on the Expat Essentials Index, mainly due to being the easiest destination for expats to find housing. The country also presents opportunities for significant savings with low living expenses, and the language is easy to learn. However, navigating local bureaucracy can be somewhat challenging.

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