The Biden administration has proposed a steep hike in fees for immigration and naturalisation benefits - as H-1B visas .

The fee for pre-registration for H-1B visas are proposed to go up by 2,050% from $10 currently to $215, 70% for H-1 category,

H-1B, from $460 to $780, 201% for L visa for intra-company transfers to the US, from $460 to $1,385, and 129% for O category for workers with extraordinary skills.

EB-5 vias for investors and entrepreneurs - called the millionaires' visa - is set to become expensive too, going up by 204% to $11,160 from $3,675 currently.

The US grants around 85,000 visas under the H-1B programme to foreigners to work at US companies Around 75% of these visas go to Indians.


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