In Germany, when a new year begins, there are plenty of new regulations affecting students, smokers and coffee shops — amongst others. Here's an overview of what's what this time around.

Housing allowance increases by around €190 to €370 per month.1.4 million households that don't receive social benefits but still have little money.

Allowances for low-income earners

The price of natural gas and of electricity will be capped for all households in Germany. And the 2.9 million students in the country.

Compensation: Energy and inflation

The monthly child benefit increases to €250 for each child. Parents can claim this benefit for all offspring who are still in school or training for a job until the age of 24

Child benefit increase

Taxes on cigarettes, cigarillos, and tobacco have gone up. Packs of 20 cigarettes have gone up in price by around 10 cents.

Tobacco tax hike

Restaurants and cafes must offer reusable packaging for takeaway drinks. And for takeaway meals, there must be alternatives to single-use plastic packaging

Mandatory reusable packaging

There is now a uniform nationwide labeling for pork in Germany. Meat is classified according to different types of husbandry,

New meat label

Health workers in Germany are no longer obliged to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

No COVID-19 mandate

Starting in 2023, the mandatory monthly payments for health insurance will rise by 3% to offset the price hikes in the health sector.

Health issues

Retirees can expect a rise in pensions by around 4%. Also from now on, spouses are able to make health decisions for each other in emergencies

Pensions and guardianship

From April 2023 (probably) there will be a nationwide monthly ticket for €49 allowing transport on all regional buses and trains.

Cheaper regional transport