IELTS Coaching In Delhi
IELTS Coaching In Delhi
IELTS Coaching In Delhi
IELTS Coaching In Delhi
IELTS Coaching In Delhi

Online IELTS Classes

IELTS Coaching In Delhi

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IELTS Coaching In Delhi

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IELTS Coaching In Delhi

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Best IELTS Coaching In Delhi

Universal Dream Services is the best IELTS coaching center in Delhi. Since the last five years, we have been providing online IELTS coaching in India. Our office is situated at Karampura New Delhi. we also provide IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi

Our IELTS Programs

This course is designed specifically for candidates as a refresher who have previously taken the test but have failed to pass a few modules We will focus especially on the modules that students might have trouble with This course is likewise great for individuals who practice a standout level of skill at the language so that the individual can follow along and comprehend the instructions by preparing himself in accordance with the test’s assessment criteria.

  • Extensive Program
In accordance, this course is specifically designed. the amount of time required for a first-time test taker to pass the exam This course structure is extensive and places an emphasis on each module with the criteria for the assessment and the required skill sets.
  • Comprehensive Program
This intricate pattern primarily focuses on the required skill sets to crack through the test and is ideal for the general population who don’t practice an able degree in the English language. The cynosure for this course will be a degree in English and an understudy practice at the time of joining the program, with a sporadic focus on grammatical range and pronunciation. IELTS Coaching Center

Universal Dream Services IELTS Preparation Programs

IELTS Regular 2.0

Most popular program with guided practice sessions

IELTS Express 2.0

Fast-track course for those with time constraints

IELTS 1 On 1 2.0

Individualized tutoring with flexible timings

About IELTS Exam

The most widely accepted test for English language proficiency is the exam fee of IELTS.
worldwide and has been a requirement for many professionals to be able to settle in and study in Foreign countries It assesses every aspect of the English language to determine an applicant’s level of proficiency in Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand all accept it. The score remains valid for two years from the date of the result, and the results typically become available 13 days after the test.

The test may be taken up in Academic or General test types depending on the purpose for which an examination appeared The academic examination is primarily intended for candidates seeking education in foreign countries. the General Test is for applicants who admire migration into nations like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

IELTS Coaching in India

Special Day

Singer, writter, chef. Love music “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you

Special Day

Singer, writter, chef. Love music “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you

IELTS Test Structure

The assessment portion of the test is broken down into four distinct modules. a candidate’s language proficiency across the board. In addition, the Academic and General Reading and Writing modules offer a variety of test options.

IELTS Speaking 

There are three sections to the speaking portion

Section 1- In the first section, General questions about the candidate’s choices, interests, and hobbies are asked.

Section 2- in the second round, A cue card containing a question and three to four clues about it is given to the candidate. The candidate has two minutes to respond to the question and one minute to prepare.

Section 3- In the third section, During the cue card round, the test taker is required to provide detailed responses to questions that pertain to the subject.

IELTS Listening 

There are four parts to the test. The candidate must listen to four distinct audios, each of which contains 10 sections with a total of 40 questions spread across four parts.

The number of correct responses out of a possible 40 determines the score.
Section 1:- a conversation between two people
Section 2:- is a monologue that describes a description of a certain thing
Section 3:- a scholarly discussion that might be between at least two people.
Section 4:- a lecture

IELTS Reading

For Academic-  The academic reading consists of three sections with 13 to 14 questions per section.
The passages typically have connections to topics based on research.

For General- The general reading consists of five passages and three distinct sections whereas the fifth topic is based on research and the first four are related to general issues. For both the above-said modules, the absolute number of inquiries is 40 and the band score is determined from the all-out number of right responses.

IELTS Writing

For Academic: There are two tasks to the Academic test.

Task 1– is an academic report in which the candidate must verbally describe a diagram. The required word count is 150, and the time allotted is twenty minutes.
Task 2: Write an essay about an argumentative question. The total time allotted is forty minutes, and the minimum word count is 250.

For General: There are two objectives for this type of test.

Task 1: A letter is the first in this domain. Concerning it, it could be formal, informal, or semi-formal. This requires 20 minutes to complete, and the minimum word count is 150.
Task 2: Write an essay about an argumentative question. The total time allotted is forty minutes, and the minimum word count is 250. Duration. The test itself takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete. During the test, the candidate does not get any breaks.

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Duration Of IELTS Exam

The test itself takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete. During the test, the candidate does not get any breaks. The speaking module typically lasts between 11 and 14 minutes exactly. The listening session lasts forty minutes, during which time the audio are played for thirty minutes and the responses are transferred for ten minutes. The allotted time for writing is sixty minutes.

Why Choose Universal Dream Services?

Universal Dream Services provides the best IELTS Coaching Center and test preparation by Experts trainers. Our trainers are trained by the British Council and have extensive IELTS teaching experience. Additionally, our students have scored of up to 8.5 in the Speaking module, up to 8.0 in the Writing module, and up to 8.5 in the Reading module.

We have helped thousands of students for IELTS preparation to gain admission for foreign countries and have been providing IELTS coaching and training for the last five years. to students from all parts of India. Our Main office is situated at Karampura New Delhi.

Universal Dream Services is the best IELTS Coaching Center & authorized by the British Council to book the IELTS exam dates for our clients and provide them with reading and writing practice materials different segments are separated from sufficient plans to set up the understudies for the CB IELTS test Many of our immigration students have earned scores in all four bands that are higher than seven to be eligible for Australia immigration Additionally, numerous clients have received the required 16 points to enter Canada. We would like to extend an invitation to you for a no-cost IELTS Demo Class so that you can learn more about the quality of our coaching for our students.

Types of Languages We offers​


TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. Its is Similar like IELTS.

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PTE stands for Pearson Test of English which includes three sections - Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening.

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German is an Indo-European language in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official language

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The ways in which the English language is transmitted through a conventional system of sounds.

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The GMAT exam stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test

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French is a Romance language that evolved out of the Gallo-Romance dialects spoken in northern France.

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If your are aspiring to study abroad and are searching for the best fit university to match your profile, then you’re at the right place!

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  • Exam fee of ielts

    The IELTS registration fee in India is 15,500 rupees, but this amount is subject to change. When scheduling a test, candidates must confirm the amount and use a digital payment method to pay.